The JuiceBar is the latest gang battery charger designed by SevenLabs.

It has 10 individually configurable chargers. Each one can be configured to charge the battery with a charge current of up to 2A. What really makes the JuiceBar unique, is its web interface. It hosts its own Wi-Fi hotspot that a you can connect to, to monitor and configure the chargers. It can also connect to an existing Wi-Fi access point. When the user then connects another JuiceBar on the same network, all JuiceBarscan be viewed simultaneously, giving the user an overview of all batteries being charged.

Each charger has a Molex, Hirose and JST connector to support most common battery connectors. Separate converter cables can be purchased from SevenLabs to support other connection types.

Each charger also has a USB port that can be used to discharge or load the battery. This is designed to be used with USB loads. The main PCB is protected by two Perspex covers and also comes with 6 rubber anti vibration feet, to keep the charger sturdy.

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